Freezer services for berries

We are located right on your way!

Shock freezing

Our shock freezing cappacity is 20-24 tons of fresh berries in 24 hours. The freezing temperature range is from -24 oC to -36 oC at the customer's request.

Loading / unloading

The building is equipped with a ramp for cargo transport. We provide loading and unloading of pallets from transport with a forklift.


We have three freezers with a total capacity of 600 tons. Storage temperature -18 oC . The product is stored only on pallets.


The warehouse complies with EU veterinary requirements, IFS and EU Organic certificate.

Clenaing and optical sorting

Our equipment includes a new, modern berry cleaning line with an optical sorter TOMRA BLIZZARD 640. We work with the following berries - black and red currants, gooseberries, sea buckthorns, cranberries, lingonberries, blueberries, haskap berries, etc.


Packaging and labeling

Our equipment allows the berries to be packed in paper bags and octabins. All production is placed on pallets ("One way" or EPAL) and wrapped in film. We provide product labeling according to customer requirements.