Organic blackcurrant juice

In our farm, blackcurrants are grown in 50 hectares. We are fully organic farm, therefore all production is certificated as organic. During the harvesting time, all harvest is immediately moved to cold storage and frozen in shock freezer.

Our blackcurrant juice is:

  • Organic
  • Cold-pressed
  • NFC (Never from concentrate)
  • 100% juice

This year our blackcurrant juice is available:

  • 5 liters Bag-in-box - EXW price: 20 EUR (4 EUR/l)
  • 220 liters Bag-in-box - EXW price: 440 EUR (2,20 EUR/l)

For ordering, please contact us: Andris Krogzems, +371 29255443, [email protected]