ORGANIC Blackcurrant seedlings

Our nursery is certificated by State Plant Protection Service of Latvia. We are growing blackcurrant seedlings in the 6 ha field equipped with irrigation system. There are 9 ha of mother plants plantation with different cultivars, from which we prepare hardwood cuttings. Part of the processes are done manually but part of them mechanized:

  • Collecting shoots from mother plants - manually.
  • Preparing hardwood cuttings - manually. We value each branch and choose just the best.
  • Planting on the field - manually, to exclude the fault of the machine.
  • Weed control - mechanized and manually. It gives the best result.
  • Fertilizing - mechanized. The basic fertilizer is manure from organic farm, but as additional fertilizer is biohumus.
  • Irrigation - irrigation system. We use water from natural, pure river.
  • Separation of leaves - mechanized
  • Digging - mechanized
  • Sorting and packing - manually. You'll get your ordered plants in BigBags (w:100cm x l:120cm x h:90cm), approximately 2000 plants in the each. 50 BigBags (approximately 100 000 plants) can be loaded on the truck.

As you see, in every step of the process, we care about each plant for achieve the best result - strong and healthy ORGANIC blackcurrant seedlings.

We offer ORGANIC blackcurrant seedlings:

   From our plant material From client's plant material
 Varieties Tisel, Tihope, Ruben, Ben Tirran, Titania     Any variety which planting material provides customer
 Plant material Hardwood cuttings, 18-20 cm length, collected
after the vegetation period in or nursery
 Hardwood cuttings, 18-20 cm length, collected
after the vegetation period and delivered till to April 1
 Order time  At any time From October 1 to April 1
 Receipt Time  From October 1, 7 months From October 1, 7 months
 EXW price  0,85 EUR/pc. 0,65 EUR/pc.

Our production capacity is 500 000 organic blackcurrant plants a year with potential till to one million plants.

The following plants are still available for autumn 2019 / spring 2020:

Large plants (50-80 cm):

  • Tisel – sold
  • Tihope – sold
  • Ruben - 20 000
  • Ben Tirran – sold

Small plants (25-45 cm):

  • Tisel – sold
  • Tihope – 4 500 plants
  • Ruben – 30 000 plants
  • Ben Tirran – sold

For ordering, please contact us: Andris Krogzems, +371 29255443, [email protected]

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